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Last Updated:  12/26/12
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STIC Video Clips
STIC Farewell Scenes
My Way -- Video  / Audio    Cup Runneth -- Video / Audio
        Bonus -- Danny Boy -- Video / Audio

Stephanie Video Clips

   Dancing Cheek to Cheek
   Feels Like a Woman
Broken Vows
Love By Grace
   I'll see it through
   Anywhere the Heart Goes
   Send in the Clowns
   Moon River
   Falling Slowly


   Beautiful Dreamer
   A Very Special HOT DOG

   As the Years Go By
   Power of Love
   California Memories
   Too Late to Apologize
Arms of the Angels
  I'll Stand by You
   She's an Easy Lover
   Papa Don't Preach
   Love and Glory
  It's too late to apologize -- 1997
   Keep holding on
   You'll see
   This woman's work
   STIC -- Diamonds
Love Me Like You'll Never See Me Again

   Save the Best for Last
        (sung by John McCook)
   My Immortal


All the Reasons to Live

   You Must Love Me


   Could I Have This Dance
Lost in the 50's Tonight
   I Love You
  Rond Stic
   Tango 2
   Attimi di Magia
           (Moments of Magic)
   The Reason Why
   Can I Touch You There

   Best of STIC
   Best of STIC 2
   STIC Chasing Cars
   STIC Wedding 1997
   STIC Wedding 1999
Please Forgive Me
  Still Loving You

Lorre B
   The Way They Were
   Merry STICmas
   Happy New Year
   Don't Break This Heart
   Broken Vow  (longer version)
   Broken Vow  (shorter version)
   Getting Over You
A House Is Not a Home
   Once Upon a Time
   23 Years of STIC -- dialogue
   23 Years of STIC -- music 
   I Know Him So Well
The Lies of Handsome Men
   STIC Farewell Scenes
        My Way -- Video  / Audio
        Cup Runneth -- Video / Audio
        Danny Boy -- Video / Audio  

My Old Addiction



  She's a Lady
   Belle ... Stephanie and Her Men
   Mona Lisa
Braver than we are


   She Looks Like an Angel
  SF is a Meravigliosa Creatura
   I don't have a wooden heart
   You do something to me
   One Night With You

I Will Survive


Stephanie Douglas Forrester
   Simply Irresistible
   A Mother's Love

   Lei (She)

   Left Outside Alone

Lorre B

   When  She Smiles
Never Defeated
Two Big Hearts
King of Sorrow

Stephanie's Abuse Storyline
Confrontation - Part 1 - Ann
   Confrontation - Part 2 - Steph
   Confrontation - Part 3 - Eric



STAX Video Clips
Sean Connery as Max Bennett -- Stephanie's new love
interest in several of GraceBe's Fan Fiction Stories on MB


   In My Life

From the film "For the Boys"
Bette Midler sings:  
Song Lyrics
 In My Life -- MP3 Format
  In My Life -- Video Clip
In my opinion, this is the best "sung" version


Eric Video Clips

Miscellaneous Video Clips

   Eric Forrester -
         Bringing Sexy Back

   You're So Vain


   Stephanie and Her Grandchildren
   Twisted Love
   Funny B&B  (from YouTube)

   I'm Burning for you...Tribute to
SF's Lorrie in The Towering Inferno



A Special Thank You to all of the very talented people
who have made these clips !
If you see any mistakes or omissions, please contact me.
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